Leaders and Volunteers

Heather Felker

Babywearing Educator

Administrator/ Leader of Dover and Wilmington meetings, Co-Leader of Denton meeting

Heather is the busy mom of 8 children, 1 daughter and 7 sons. She balances homeschooling and chasing her toddler with her work as a babywearing educator and advocate. In 2009, Heather began working in
the babywearing industry. Current projects include running her business, Sling With Me, which offers baby carriers and consultations, teaching Babywearing Educator Certification courses for the Babywearing Institute and serving on the Babywearing International Board of Directors as Treasurer and as a Master Babywearing Educator.  She is also a La Leche League Leader and has a special interest in the role that babywearing plays in a successful breastfeeding relationship.

Leah Greer-Pinzaru

Volunteer Babywearing Educator

Publicist/ Leader of Salisbury meeting/ Co-leader of Dover and Ocean City meetings

Leah is the mother of 4 children and a passionate babywearing advocate.  Leah began babywearing when her oldest daughter was born, and found it an invaluable tool since they relied completely on public transportation and walking to get around the rural UK village in which they lived.  After the birth of her second daughter, she began sharing her love of babywearing with others through a small business that sold carriers, organic childrens clothing, and diapers.  She also provided demonstrations at local festivals and baby fairs with her baby as her model.
In March 2010, after assisting at meetings for several months, Leah took over leadership of the Salisbury meetings.  She completed the Babywearing Institute training, and is in process to become a Certified Babywearing Educator.  She has been an active La Leche League member since the birth of her oldest daughter and aspires to be a leader.  Leah has also taught belly dancing and was a professional dancer for several years.

Joy Pinder

Babywearing Educator

Assistant Administrator/ Co-leader Wilmington Meetings
Joy is the mother of 2.  She began babywearing when her first was born, and at almost 4 years old she still wears him frequently.  She found babywearing to be such a wonderful way to bond with her son.  Now with her second child, it allows her to care for her while interacting with her son.  She attended http://www.babywearingschool.com in the summer of 2010 to become a certified babywearing educator. Joy enjoys being outdoors and exploring with her children.  She loves traveling and does so frequently with her children.  She runs her own business, Babywear With Joy, that offers baby carriers and consultations.


Kate Hulme

Volunteer Babywearing Educator
Leader Ocean City meeting/ Co-leader Salisbury meeting
Kate Hulme lives with her husband and one daughter, Libby, in Bishopville, MD.  She began her babywearing journey when Libby was first born and fell instantly in love with the closeness and security it provided, and considers it a vital parenting tool.
Kate is an accountant by profession, but her true passions are her daughter, animals (and her ever growing menagrie), and spreading the love of babywearing.


Rose Spickes

Volunteer Babywearing Educator

Website Administrator/ Leader Denton meeting/ Co-leader Dover meeting

Rose started babywearing when babysitting for her friend’s children.  After seeing what an invaluable a tool babywearing could be, she knew she would wear her children.  She wore her son on the day he was born, and knew it was perfect for them.  As a person with physical limitations, babywearing allows Rose a chance to carry her son as much and as often as needed.  Because of her injuries, she has special knowledge of adapting babywearing to shoulder and back injuries.  Rose is a hand-spinner, weaver, seamstress, and knitter, and this offers her  a unique understanding of fibers, textile design, and carrier construction.  She lives on a farm in central Delaware with her wonderful husband and son, and is expecting her second child in March of 2013.


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  1. Ruth Carroll
    Jan 02, 2013 @ 15:20:05

    Hi! Some of your members nominated your group to receive a free Hoppediz Wrap instruction book for your lending library! Please send me the address you would like me to mail it to. customerservice at shopzerberts.com Thanks! And thanks for all you do at the local level to help people enjoy babywearing!


    Ruth Carroll


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