About Babywearing

“Babywearing” is simply holding or carrying your baby in a carrier.  There are many benefits to babywearing.  Some of them are:

  • Calmer, happier, more alert babies
  • Frees up the caregivers hands to care for siblings, home or work
  • Facilitates easy breastfeeding
  • Builds emotional health and security in baby
  • Builds strong bonds between baby and caregiver
  • Insures close supervision and safety
  • And the list goes on…….

Modern baby carriers come in many different forms.  Some of the popular forms are:

  • Wraps-simple pieces of cloth used to tie the baby to the caregiver in a variety of ways
  • Slings-pieces of cloth with rings on one end for quicker adjusting
  • Pouches-similar to slings but no rings, so not adjustable
  • Asian baby carriers (mei dais, podaegis) -a rectangular piece of fabric with long straps for securing the carrier, allows for babies weight to be distributed on both shoulders
  • Soft structured carrier- similar to an asian baby carrier, but with more structured waist and shoulder straps, and often with buckles

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